Reasonable Adjustments

Mountview’s Musical Theatre Exams extend an inclusive invitation to explore the worlds of acting, dance and singing across three progressive Levels. We offer each performer individual support and tailored reasonable adjustments where required, to ensure a positive and equitable assessment experience. The syllabus has been designed to offer flexibility and inclusivity, however there may also be some circumstances where Mountview will offer adjustments or an alternative assessment approved by the Senior Examinations Lead

Performers are asked to inform our Exams Coordinator of any additional support needs at the point of booking the exam, together with supporting evidence. This will enable the exams team to work with individual candidates or centres and we will be happy to liaise with teachers and care givers to ensure that specific practical options are offered. We will advise the examiner of any adjustments that will need to be made to the different elements of the performance and the practical aspects of Reflection. However, unless we are asked to, we will not disclose the details of any condition to them.

We are aware that there are many different conditions which can be supported through practical approaches, for example, cognition and learning needs, communication and interpersonal skills which need support, sensory and physical needs, and requirements for social, mental and emotional support. We ask performers to provide evidence of their condition. They can provide a copy of their statement of additional education or emotional support needs, or a report from their Local Authority or health professional (Speech and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist etc.). Evidence of hearing or visual impairment or other conditions which can be verified by a specialist, can be shared digitally as a report or letter confirming the details the performer is happy to share. It would be helpful if the specialists would be happy to communicate with Mountview should we need more information or clarification should the need arise. For conditions including ADHD, where a statement may not be applicable or required, we request a letter from a GP.

We are happy to facilitate the presence of emotional support related to declared needs, support for the performer’s physical access to the exam room (as well as during the exam), and the presence of BSL interpreters.

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