On the Day

Once you’ve booked your slot,  it’s time to get ready 

The performer is in the exam room twice: once as a performer and again as a member of a small audience of peers. Each performer will be allocated an Exam Performance Slot and an Audience Group Slot. These slots are allocated close to the point of booking, so they know precisely how long they will be required in the exam room overall. We anticipate the Exam Performance Slot together with the Audience Group Slot will require approximately 2 hours attendance by the performer on the exam day.

Each performer is welcomed into the space at the allotted time, with their facilitator, or accompanist. Facilitators will have an opportunity to check the compatibility of the tech upon arrival at the centre. Performers will introduce themselves and the pieces they will be performing. Performers will not be prompted during the practical task; they are encouraged to take their time to get back on track

On completion of the performance at Levels One and Two, the facilitator or accompanist will leave, and the examiner will invite the performer to sit and discuss the work as part of a discussion. At Level Three, the facilitator or accompanist will remain for the whole exam to provide music for the Redirection as required.

What to wear:

  • Plain clothing without logos. We recommend a grey palette (white through grey to black) to help define the physical line when dancing  
  • Hair should be kept off the face
  • No jewellery
  • Minimal makeup
  • Costume is not necessary, but if a particular style of practice skirt (for example) helps create the energy and line of the dance, then this is acceptable   
  • Appropriate footwear – performing in socks poses a risk of slipping but bare feet are acceptable    

What to bring:

  • A water bottle and any changes of clothing and/or footwear  
  • Backing tracks and audio for accompaniment or soundscapes  
  • Any props (if they are intrinsic to the performance)  
  • At Level Three, the scripts of any monologue and the scores for any sung music   

Full details on the exam day process can be found in the Syllabus.

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