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Mountview is synonymous with exceptional Musical Theatre training. We are widely considered to lead the field as global innovators and are proud to launch our own examination board, offering graded Musical Theatre qualifications. Our unrivalled expertise brings a fresh approach, aiming to dismantle barriers and share our values with people of all ages and at all stages in their development.

Designed to develop both the imaginative range and technical skillset of the Musical Theatre performer, our graded qualifications bring new ways to consider material and make connections across disciplines.

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Musical Theatre Syllabus

Mountview Exams offers graded qualifications in Musical Theatre, bringing creative challenge and opportunities for individual flair through a Preview Certificate and 8 Grades.

Performers at all levels of experience are invited to have total creative agency of their work and to be the originators of their performances, with a syllabus that rewards curious and unique performers.

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I came to Mountview an 18-year-old Black kid from Hertfordshire who’d never seen a play in London. Mountview’s ethos of not moulding students, but encouraging, enabling and producing actors was ideal for me and for many of my peers. While other schools may have said ‘this is the kind of actor we produce’, Mountview said ‘we produce actors, in all forms, from all backgrounds, and of all colours.
Giles Terera MBE
Olivier Award-winning actor (Hamilton) and Mountview alumnus

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